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Classification of silicone

Classification of silicone

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Ingeneral,silicagelcanbedividedintoorganicsilicagelandinorganicsilicagelaccordingtoitsnatureandcomponents.Accordingtoitscomposition,itisdividedintoextrudedsiliconeandmoldedsilicone. Inorganicsilicagel

In general, silica gel can be divided into organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel according to its nature and components. According to its composition, it is divided into extruded silicone and molded silicone.


Inorganic silica gel is a highly active adsorbent material and is usually prepared by reacting sodium silicate with sulfuric acid and is subjected to a series of post-treatment processes such as aging and soaking. Silica is an amorphous material, its chemical formula is mSiO2. nH2O. It is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and odorless, chemically stable, and does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. Various types of silica gel form different microporous structures due to their different manufacturing methods. The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel determine that it has many other similar materials that are difficult to replace: high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, chemical stability, and high mechanical strength.


Organosilicon is an organosilicon compound. It refers to a compound containing Si—C bonds and at least one organic group is directly connected to silicon atoms. It is customary to also make organic groups and silicon through oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen. Atomic linked compounds also act as organosilicon compounds. Among them, the polysiloxanes with silicone-bonded (-Si-O-Si-) skeletons are the most widely used, most deeply studied, and most widely used organosilicon compounds, accounting for more than 90% of the total amount. .


Extruded silica gel is more common, such as a seal ring on a rice cooker for household use, which is called a rice cooker silicone seal ring.




Molded silica gel is a bit more complicated and irregular in shape, including silicone bowls, silicone ice trays, silicone cake molds, and more.