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Hong Kong electronics show spring 2019 - here we come!!!

Hong Kong electronics show spring 2019 - here we come!!!

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TheannualHongKongelectronicsshow,thisyearwecomeasexpected,andnewandoldcustomersmeetfriendshere.  Duringtheexhibitionwhichlastedfor4days(from12thto16th),wenotonlymetouroldfriends,butalsowelcomedmoretha


The annual Hong Kong electronics show, this year we come as expected, and new and old customers meet friends here.



During the exhibition which lasted for 4 days (from 12th to 16th), we not only met our old friends, but also welcomed more than 200 new friends to visit and guide us. It is believed that in the following days, dongguan zhuke silicone products co., ltd. will have a perfect "story" with these more than 200 new friends.


















Dongguan zhuke silicone products co., LTD., we have a professional technical and production team. We produce silica gel products required by various industries. According to your drawings and technical requirements, we complete a series of procedures such as mold opening, oil pressure production and post-processing. Choose us and we will serve you to the end.


It is believed that with the trust and support of more and more customers and friends, dongguan zhuke silicone products co., ltd. will achieve the team goal in 2019 ahead of schedule.


Come on!!!


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